Our Purpose

The Midstream America Scholarship Fund, MASF was created by the leaders of the San Antonio Pipeliners Association. This new organization will be used for all business, as it is related to fundraising events. The Midstream America Scholarship Fund as a 501c3 organization, was created for the purpose of giving the association and all of its sponsors and members the best benefit for their donations and support throughout the year. Ultimately retaining talent and to raise more revenue for the scholarships for deserving students where the assistance is needed the most.


SAPA/MASF organizations will be operated in harmony with one another. SAPA will continue to provide the high quality networking events and membership benefits. While MASF will manage all annual fundraising events and scholarship distributions.

Officers / Board of Directors



Michael Johnston, 

Howard Energy Partners
Email: mjohnston@HowardEP.com


Angela C. Ramirez 

Email: cramirez@clr-energy.com


Amber Harris

Email: amber.harris2011@gmail.com

Media Coordinator:

Morgan Sommerlatte

Email: morgan.sommerlatte@percheronllc.com

Scholarship Chair:

John M. Denis, S&B

Board of Directors

Brandon Burch, Howard Energy Partners

Kariann Alexander, Fullstream Energy Holdings LLC

Maeghan Strahm, Nickel Rock, LLC

MASF is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization that is non-political in character, but may cooperate in civic enterprises.
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 690226
San Antonio, Texas 78269-0226

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